New direction? Change of heart? Start from the top? Boss following you? Whatever the reason, TwitWipe deletes all your tweets in one go!

Give your Twitter account a new lease of life with TwitWipe. As featured on Mashable, CNN and C|Net!!

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Delete all your tweets!

Why the hell would I want to do that?

TwitWipe is a tool to wipe or delete all your tweets in one go. You may need to do this to start over, to clean it out before handing the account over to someone else, or maybe you've just realized how nonsensical your tweets are! Whatever the reason, TwitWipe is the answer!

Why not just delete the account and create a new one?

Doing so will create a new user id (the numeric one). It's going to be a separate, new account. All your followers and followees and flurries will be gone! That's why you should use TwitWipe, because it lets you keep all your followers, favorites and the people you're following. If you've signed into any apps with your account, TwitWiping will keep all that intact. Everything stays as-is, only your tweets disappear!

How long does it take?

A VERY LONG TIME. Because TwitWipe is very popular, there are tooooooo many people wiping their accounts at any given point in time. So, just start the process and just leave it on overnight. We're serious. It is NOT instant. It will take a while. Don't tell us it's stuck at 0, because that happens and all you gotta do is WAIT.

If you get disconnected or any other interruption occurs, you can simply come back here and start wiping again. TwitWipe will resume from where it left off and delete whatever is remaining.

There's also an issue with TwitWipe getting stuck at retweets. If that seems to have happened, go back to your account and manually undo any retweets and run TwitWipe again. Or just undo retweets manually while TwitWipe is running - it won't cause any problems.

Is there a way to get them all back?

What the hell is this, a "Get your ex back" scam website? Nope. You can't get your tweets back. There's no undo button. I don't want to make TwitWipe back up tweets, because that sounds lame. Twitter now lets you download your full archive, so do that before using TwitWipe. Or just don't TwitWipe!

What else can TwitWipe do?

Nothing else for now, but we'll add an option to unfollow all the tweeps and purge all the DMs if enough people drop a few bucks in the tip jar!

Any other bright ideas? Tweet us at @TwitWipe and we'll try to help you out!

How do I use TwitWipe?

First, you need to sign in using Twitter. After that, you'll get a 'TwitWipe this account' button and a confirmation and disclaimer and all that yada yada.

About signing in: TwitWipe uses oAuth, so you don't need to give out your password for this to happen. If you're signed into Twitter, this will directly ask you for permissions. If you're not signed in, it will take you to and ask you to sign in to proceed. As usual, check that the website URL in the location bar is indeed "" and the padlock or security icon is present before typing your password in!

Watch it in action...

Here's the video Mashable put up about TwitWipe and how to use it. Let the experts do the talking! :-)

And all this is free?

Yup, like all good things in life! But... if you find TwitWipe useful, you're always welcome to leave a little tip to compliment the hard work that went into making it! Or at least spread the word! :-)