New direction? Change of heart? Start from the top? Boss following you? Whatever the reason, TwitWipe deletes all your tweets in one go!

Give your Twitter account a new lease of life with TwitWipe. As featured on Mashable, CNN and C|Net!!

Get Started


Having trouble getting TwitWipe to work? Try some of the following steps:

  • First log into Twitter and ensure Twitter's site is up and your account is working.
  • Check if you have a modern web browser such as recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge.
  • Try TwitWipe from another computer or another internet connection.
  • Check for any proxy server or firewalls. If you're using it from work, you may need to check with your IT guy about this.
  • If you're trying TwitWipe from a mobile device, try to access a desktop or laptop computer and try it from there.

Still can't get it working? Get in touch with us. We're sorry it came to this.

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